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Animation of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Coonley Playhouse stained glass
70th season of Orphan Black: Maybe Beth's still alive!!!


being alone with your friends parents


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my heart says yes but my bank balance says no

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Pizza Go Kart
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Happy 7 year anniversary to “Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows”
Incase you missed it, catch up with your favorite boy wizard with J.K. Rowling’s glimpse into middle-aged Potter’s life. 
oddisamazing said:


19: Write an autograph version of your URL.

imageI included a dedication to make it look like a real autograph because why not *sunglasses emoji* 

flowersforsansa said:

2, 5, 7, 19 :)

Wooo! Thank you! 

2: Write a list of all the countries or states you’ve been to. Write a comment on each of them. Or some, if you can’t be bothered. 


(sorry about the terrible quality) 

5: Name three things you like about yourself. 

7: What is your current mood? Write and/or draw. 


19: Write an autograph version of your URL.

(I got a little carried away so I included a dedication. woops) 

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Handwritten Post
1: Write your URL in some writing that you thought were super cool when you were younger. Eg, bubble letters, digital clock letters, letters with lots of embellishments, or letters with smiley faces in them.
2: Write a list of all the countries or states you’ve been to. Write a comment on each of them. Or some, if you can’t be bothered.
3: List your top three statistical Tumblr crushes and draw their icons.
4: Draw a selfie.
5: Name three things you like about yourself.
6: Do you like the climate you live in? What do you like about it or what would you change?
7: What is your current mood? Write and/or draw.
8: Can you tie a bow-tie? A regular tie? If yes, how and when did you learn?
9: Pick something from your immediate surroundings and tell the story behind the item.
10: The last time you noticed you’d put a piece of clothing on incorrectly, i.e. backwards/inside out/etc?
11: What is a typical breakfast for you?
12: How do you take your favorite coffee? Eg strong or weak? Black or with cream/milk and/or sugar/sweetener? Filter, espresso, French press or instant? Hot or iced? Regular or decaf? None of the above?
13: Describe your favorite food. Who makes it?
14: List 5 movies that you love.
15: What is a wanky memory from Tumblr that still makes you blush?
16: What brought you to Tumblr?
17: Have you had any real Tumblr crushes? If you want to keep your mystery, answer with a drawing.
18: Do you prefer to text or call your friends?
19: Write an autograph version of your URL.
20: Pick up the nearest printed material in your first language and copy out a random paragraph.
"If you want to learn what someone fears losing, watch what they photograph."

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This hit me harder than I expected.

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